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Reema Mukherjee

Deputy Director

About The Centre

Sishumangal Child Development Centre

‘Sishumangal Child Development Centre (CDC) is a first of its kind in entire North Bengal and is quiet unique.This center has evolved as a master mind of Dr.Nilanjan Mukherjee, Director of the center as well as President of the organization to intervene the Disabilities of children in the surrounding areas.
CDC follows multidisciplinary approach for those children who are delayed in development vis-a-vis their growth milestones which is much needed under one roof. Be it physical or mental disability, each and every child is taken care of in a comprehensive manner through a series of training by various specialists of their own fields. This is done in a day care basis.
Besides this the organization arranges continuous campaign and awareness program me for those children in remote village areas and for the rural population. It has also been arranging varieties of social and cultural program mes involving those special children as well as their parents to rehabilitate them in the community.

Planning is underway under the jurisdiction of the governing body to procure land and use it for residential purpose for disabled children.