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Who We Are

Child Development Center

Sishumangal is a child development center situated at a very prominent place in Raiganj Town. Dr. Nilanjan Mukherjee, who is amongst very few neonatologists in entire North Bengal, first conceptualized it in February 2015.


Lives Improved
  • Igniting Consciousness
  • Exploring Challenges
  • Offering Top-Notch Treatments
  • Guiding Children Towards a Fulfilling Life


Children Assisted

Our Moto

Provide a holistic approach to the child through a team effort.

We screen children by applying internationally standardized and recommended tests and our special educators at our special unit work with the children through structured programs.

  • Creating Awareness
  • Providing World-Class Therapies
  • Analyzing The Problems
  • Helping Children To Lead a
    Normal Life


Meet Our Fantastic Crew

The Foundation of Our Endeavor, Building a Haven for Healing Little Hearts.

My son had fluency disorders from childhood. When he used to speak, we noticed his speech would be interrupted by unusual stops. I came to know about Sishumangal through my friend. Now, my son is way more cured, and I have no words to express gratitude towards Sishumangal.



Due to premature delivery, my daughter was not like other children. It was very painful to see that my only daughter was taking no interest in things like other children to do. After looking to figure out her problem, I went to Sishumangal and knew my daughter is suffering from autism. Till then, my daughter is taking the therapy from there, and the outcomes are very satisfactory.



Being from a remote place would make more hackle for my child. After knowing the autism problem, I realized that he could lead a better life through various therapies. Thanks to Sishumangal, there are lots of experienced therapists serving. All of them are really helpful, and they really do care for our children. My good wishes are with them and I hope they will help more children in the future.